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  • FLOOR WEIGH SCALE CAPACITY-300kg, platform dimension: 1200X1200mmClick Here Form More Details

    Estimated Cost: Refer document
    Ref No: 1/PE190587/1
    Closing Date: 01 Oct, 2019
  • Renovation of 50 M.T. weigh bridge and replacement of top plate of 100.00 M.T. W.B. of at Durgapur Extension (Deep) Project of DOCSAClick Here For Tender Details 

    Estimated Cost: 2,39,453
    Ref No: 2019_WCL_150162_2
    Closing Date: 30 Sep, 2019
  • Monthly Lease/ Rent of following assets/ facilities-
    1. One Weigh Bridge of 80.00MT Capacity.
    2. Truck Parking Yard of Area- 6000.00 Sq.M with transshipment facilityClick Here For Details
    Estimated Cost: 34,23,420
    Ref No: AIDC/US/OM/Golak/769/15 /Part-III/439/6586
    Closing Date: 30 Sep, 2019


  • Needs Mediclaim
    2020-03-24 12:59:36
  • Medi-Claim Insurance
    2020-03-13 15:43:02
  • Multi Phone Insurance Service
    2020-03-05 15:25:22
  • ZEMIC HM9B (DIGITAL) 30 TONS (Including GST and Installation*)
    2020-03-05 12:54:16

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