एक देश एक वेट


We are a group of highly motivated and deeply nationalistic Indians committed to working towards unifying our country, upgrading our economy and uplifting our people. We have embarked on a mission to streamline and standardize the Weighbridge operations which is not only the backbone of every industry but also a critical sector impacting our economy as a whole.

We initiate our mission by launching weighingcommunity.com -- an Ecosystem, whose key objective would be to ensure that every Weighbridge anywhere in the country will give the Absolute Correct Weight, thereby realising our vision of ONE COUNTRY ONE WEIGHT. The Ecosystem would standardise, organise and streamline a hitherto unorganised industry bringing unprecedented benefits to each member of the community to connect, interact, learn and benefit from all our Community Members (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factories, Fleet Operators, Engineers, Experts, Government bodies and associations, Repairers, Operators etc) so that each Weighbridge displays the correct weight anywhere, everywhere and every time in our country.  

We are currently the only vehicle in India which offers a platform for every community member to attain substantial benefits for the first time, by providing access to:

a) The best and latest original products with cutting edge technology.

b) Highly competitive prices including unbeatable offers on warranty and installation.

c) Community events and meets, offering the opportunity of interaction with experts and leading manufacturers to learn all about path breaking technologies for weighbridges and the best practices in their operation.

d) Certification programmes which disseminate best practices, processes and proven quality standards to ensure the most accurate weight is displayed every time, anytime.

e) Database of CVs of well-trained Engineers, Repairers and Operators to meet the day to day operating requirements of Weighbridges.

f) Memberships of All India Association of Weighbridges which would make representations to the Government to implement policies for the better functioning of the whole Weighbridge industry.

g) Disruptive ideas to enhance revenue, market shares and profits of both the Weighbridge Owners and also those Indian corporates who wish to join our community and avail of these innovative and path-breaking business ideas.



Our leadership team comprises of professionals who have a deep understanding of the pivotal role that the Weighing industry plays in supporting every other industry and therefore the national economy as a whole. Our team is committed to setting up and nurturing an ecosystem that will disseminate the latest technology, the best products and the most superior Quality and Job Standards for the operation of the Weighing industry. Our team believes that this is the right time to organize this fragmented sector in pursuit of our mission: ONE COUNTRY ONE WEIGHT





Ajay was recently conferred with the title “Best CEO in Digital Technology” by ET NOW / MODI 2018 AWARD. With three decades of all-round experience in setting up and creating success for organizations, Ajay’s mission has always been to engineer benefits for his clients as well as his employees, thereby resulting in the success of every company he worked for. His unique blend of national and global experience of managing Indian and International companies, big and small, gives him the distinct advantage of being able to spearhead the efforts of weighingcommunity.com to achieve its mission (ONE COUNTRY ONE WEIGHT).

 Ajay is an acclaimed author and has written two best sellers: “and the award for BEST SME of the year goes to……” AND “Get Noticed Get Promoted”



Milind brings with him an experience of 20 years in process based quality management tools and in advising clients on their quality journey.  Continuing with his passion for thoroughness and flair for systems, Milind will head the Certification Business Unit of our company with the goal of developing and propagating standards and procedures for the weighing community in its quest for "One Country One Weight". Milind will formulate and evolve standards for the installation, maintenance and operations of weighbridges which will make it easy for weighbridge owners to get their facilities audited and certified for adherence to such standards.  Having worked for various Quality companies and advised clients across all types of quality models like CMMi and ISO, Milind will jumpstart the efforts of weighingcommunity.com into implementing these standards so as to achieve the goal of our company, “ONE COUNTRY ONE WEIGHT”.



Sanjeev has over twenty years’ successful business and technology management experience in the IT and Internet space. Technology as an enabler in all walks of life as well as for business excites him. Sanjeev was instrumental in heading the Job portals at Monster India and the Times of India. Given his rich experience of managing technology in both digital marketing and career building, Sanjeev will lead the Job Portal and Job Standards Business Unit of our company. This unit would be of great help in creating jobs deep in the interior of  India, in our rural areas, and in generating employment opportunities for our differently abled brothers and sisters.  The implementation of Standards for jobs in the Weighbridge industry and creation of jobs across all states of the nation would help to create uniformity in all aspects to achieve our mission of “ONE COUNTRY ONE WEIGHT”.